I have been expermenting with websites since I was in fourth grade, when I got my first laptop. At first, I had lot of fun editing text on websites and changing color of the words. However, I realized that it wouldn't actually teach me much. So, I typed 'coding' and 'programming' into the search bar and the first website that caught my eye was Khan Academy. I took me almost a year to finish the course. I started to like coding after I completed the whole Khan Academy coding course. I kept like coding and that explains why I am in this programming class today.


When I was ten years old, my brother and I created random videos and posted them on YouTube. I got bored of it, so I created my own channel, which means I have the rights to create whatever I want. I recorded and edited videos for around three months, but when I saw I gained no subscribers and I needed to do other things, I abondoned that channel. However, that doesn't mean I have to abondon my dream too. I have been preparing for a long time and I am finally going to create a successful channel when I am thirteen (11 more months). I am interested in Minecraft and programming so that is probably what I am going to post.


Minecraft, a world of creativity and building. There endless possiblities ranging from cutting down a tree to making a insane mod. That is why I like it. I am also learning how to clutch and mlg, and I guess I am pretty good at it. I really want to learn how to make mods, so if you have any lessons on Java, I will be very happy. If you want my skin, then go into chrome dev tools.

Cute Green Parrot (I like to call it Illiger macaw, even though it is an Amazon)