My Education


I went to Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School from 2014 to 2017. I don't have much memories to share. Kindergarten was very boring, the only fun thing we did was eat cake because of the teacher's birthday. I didn't like first grade either, but at very least I learned a little. It was in second grade when I started to understand lessons and completed most of my homework. Everything changed in third grade when I met my favorite teacher. She helped me in writing and arithmetic and eventually, I raised my median grade by 30 points.

After I "graduated" from my elementary school, I went to the upper elementary school for grades 4-5. These were the years that I made most of my memories in. In fourth grade, I met two nice teachers and they would take the time to teach me new things and help me through LAL and math. Later, I on moved to fifith grade. My language arts teacher was the best teacher in the world. Even though I didn't do well on tests, she boosted my scores to get me into advanced class for sixth grade.


I just completed one grade of middle school so there is not much to tell other than that I spent the whole year at home getting A+'s and A's even though I didn't paying attention.

Time until school starts (At least for me)


As for high school, I would like to learn at my county's school for technology and math. It is kind of like the specialized high schools in NY, except they have less questions on the test and is much harder to get into (you need straight A+'s).

I have been also looking foward to going to college so I have listed them below. I put them in ranks so you know which colleges I like most.

  1. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  2. Harvard University
  3. Prinecton University
  4. Columbia University
  5. Unversity of Chicago